© 2019 by Jacqueline Mallene Bertagnolli 

Hey there! I'm Jacqueline Mallene. Thank you so much for visiting my website! A little bit about me...


I was born and raised in Spokane, WA but am now currently based out of Portland, OR. As a singer, music is my first language, my strongest voice, and the best way I know how to communicate. As a songwriter, I have learned to navigate life by putting it to a melody.  As a theatre artist, I continue to be captivated by the way that human beings interact with one another and the dynamic intricacies of relationships. As a human being, the basis of what I love to do is my passion and drive to be a stronger storyteller.


People, and the nature of humanity and life, have always fascinated me, and I am intrigued by these connections we make, whether they are familial, platonic, romantic, or individual. The stage, and song alike, serve as platforms for reality to take place within imaginary circumstances, and this dichotomy pulls me in every day. As a young artist, I was the dreamer with the dress-up box that could costume the whole neighborhood.  I continue to be the same dreamer today, and gravitate toward playing pretend while wholeheartedly believing that, in that moment, the fanciful events taking place really are my truth and that lyrics really can live off the page.


With theatre and song, we can enlighten the world by bringing to life perspectives and stories that don’t often get to be told by giving a voice to those who often don’t get to speak in a way that is universally understood. I strive to weave narratives and map out journeys, making the fictional a reality and the wildest of dreams more attainable. With that said, I am intimidated by the fear of being average and the threat of anything less than perfection, but I adore the thrill that comes from breaking boundaries and trying things I never thought I could. My only hope is that art, whether it be presented on a stage or in a song, can bond us and bring us together, and that the work I do can play a small part in spreading a little love in a world that needs so much more.